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  3. Huis Ten Bosch “Fantasia City of Light”

Huis Ten Bosch “Fantasia City of Light”

Huis Ten Bosch is a stay-type theme park where beautiful flowers bloom in each season in the vast site, and the canal passing through the brick cityscape gives you peace and healing. Inside this theme park, there are restaurants, shops, amusement facilities, as well as hotels and museums, so you can enjoy resort life.

Opened on March 20th! This time, I will review the new area “Fantasia City of Light” .

Fantasia City of Light

Fantasia City of Light” consists of 1 cafe and 6 attractions with different world views such as the sea, flowers, space, art, music, and athletics, and you can experience cutting-edge technology using your “five senses”. All of them are indoor attractions, so you can enjoy them even when it is raining or at night. From them, I would like to introduce the “three places” that I especially liked.

Flower Fantasia

Flower Fantasia is an attraction that uses cutting-edge technology and you can enjoy its beautiful and slightly mysterious flowers from all over the world with your five senses. This photo shows a flower garden that changes its appearance depending on the visitor.

It was a mysterious experience to immerse myself in the story of the seeds of flowers being sown as you walk, growing, and filling the world with flowers. I felt like I was in a dream.

The concept of this museum is “a secret laboratory for making flowers of light“, and the scent of aroma drifts throughout it. Besides the mysterious experience mentioned above, there is also a section near the entrance where you can enjoy the digital flowers blooming and the scent of it by opening the petri dish.

Moreover, another section has a screen on which a flower and the language of it that are perfect for you will appear when you stand in front of it.

Forest Fantasia Cafe

After experiencing Flower Fantasia, let’s take a break at Forest Fantasia Cafe where you can smell the scent of a pleasant aroma. The idea of this cafe is forest and you can enjoy stylish special drinks and foods full of flowers and fruits while immersing yourself in the fantastic world of digital images woven by plants.

Special drinks (alcohol 1,000 yen / non-alcoholic 800 yen, 3 types each)

Forest Fruit Sandwich / Forest Bagel / Forest Fruit Tart (350-600 yen each)

The foods with edible flowers and fruits are very eye-catching.

Lemon Blossom and Forest Fruit Sandwich

Purchase a special drink, hold the QR code you received at the counter over the wall, and the squirrel will bring you a gift. You can also harvest the “secret fruit” hanging from the “Big Tree of Light”.

Fantasia of the Sea

At this attraction, you can experience the colorful sea world created by cutting-edge technology.

If you stir the wall surface by hand, a jellyfish will be born. A real and mysterious experience that makes you feel like you are actually touching a slimy jellyfish. It is a little addictive.

Jellyfish “1 / f dance”

You can lie down and gaze at the jellyfish floating on the ceiling screen like a planetarium. The number of times a jellyfish opens and closes an umbrella per minute is about the same as the number of human breaths. That’s why looking at the floating jellyfish makes us feel calm.

Why not go to Huis Ten Bosch to enjoy outdoor attractions or be healed by a fantastic space?

Huis Ten Bosch Address: 1-1 Huis Ten Bosch Town, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture 859-3292 Phone: 0570-064-110 (Huis Ten Bosch General Information Navi Dial) Business hours: 9:00 to 22:00 (admission deadline 21:00) * Varies depending on the season Access: A short walk from JR Haus Tenbos Station, about 50 minutes by Saihi Bus from Nagasaki Airport, 50 minutes by high-speed boat from Nagasaki Airport, 35 minutes from Nagasaki Expressway / Higashisonogi IC, 10 from Nishikyushu Expressway / Oto IC Minutes