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There are seven manned islands in Toshima Village, the “longest village in Japan” that stretches 160km north and south between Yakushima and Amami Oshima. They are also called unexplored islands because the ferry often gets canceled in bad weather. Takarajima Island is the southernmost island of them and you can reach it in less than 3 hours from Amami Oshima.

Unexplored Island ~Takara Island~

Although the number of immigrants is increasing, the population of Treasure Island is only around 120. There is a huge mural painting with a total length of 150m in the harbor. As you pass through the village, you can hear the energetic voices of the children here and there.

You can also enjoy the starry sky at night. Not only can you enjoy the dynamic nature of Takara Island but you can get energy from he islanders.

The food of Takara Island

Spanish Mackerel Cold-Smoked Sashimi, Bramidae Cold-Smoked Ham, Flying Fish Cold-Smoked Ham

The only fishmonger on the island does speed processing immediately after landing fish, without going through markets or distributors.

By using a special freezing technology that freezes 20 times faster than normal freezing, freshly caught fish can be brought to the table.

Island Banana Confiture (5 types in total)

Treasure Island is also called a banana paradise. The precious island banana is characterized by its pesticide-free method in unexplored nature. You can enjoy the flavor and texture.

Takara Island Pot-Fired Salt

This salt is made by a traditional method, in which the seawater around Takara Island is slowly cooked in a kettle for 5 to 7 days. Enjoy the beautiful, large, and mineral-rich salt crystals