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  3. Hanamikoji Street

Hanamikoji Street

Hanamikoji Street, which runs north and south of Gion, is a cobblestone road with historic restaurants and teahouses on both sides.

On this road, you can feel traditional Japan’s night as if time has stopped, and if you take a step forward, you will see the scenery of Kyoto in front of you.

Kenninji Temple is at the end of the south, and Yasaka Shrine and Yasui Konpiragu are within walking distance. Take a leisurely stroll and immerse yourself in the atmosphere.


<< Train >> About a 1-minute walk from Keihan “Gion-Shijo Station”
《Bus》 About 15 minutes by city bus from JR “Kyoto Station”, about 1 minute on foot from the bus stop “Shijo Keihanmae”