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Kenninji Temple

Kenninji Temple” was built by Minnanyousai Zenshi Master and Minamoto no Yoriie in 1202 (Kennin 2nd year), and is now a popular Zen dojo.

Here, you can enjoy a lot of Japanese art, such as reproduction painting of Tawaraya Sotatsu’s “Fujin and Raijinzu” and fusuma such as “Ssangyongzu”, “Unryuzu”, “Nagi”, and “Funede” drawn on the ceiling of the temple are a must-see. The dry garden, Choontei, and Daioen, a stone garden, are also magnificent, and you can spend a peaceful time surrounded by beauty.

《Train》 About 7 minutes on foot from Keihan “Gion-Shijo Station” or about 10 minutes on foot from Hankyu “Kyoto Kawaramachi Station”
《Bus》 About 20 minutes by city bus from JR “Kyoto Station”, about 5 minutes on foot from bus stop “Higashiyama Yasui”, about 7 minutes on foot from bus stop “Minamiza-mae”, or walk from bus stops “Gion” and “Seishui” About 10 minutes

Adults: 600 yen, junior high and high school students: 300 yen, elementary school students: 200 yen


Open hours
10: 00-17: 00