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  3. Hyakutobori / Furuichi Kofungun

Hyakutobori / Furuichi Kofungun

The “Hyakkatori / Furuichi Kofungun”, which consists of the “Mozu Kofungun” in Sakai City and the “Furuichi Kofungun” located in between Fujiidera City and Habikino City, has been registered as a World Cultural Heritage in July.

This is the first time that an emperor tomb in Japan has been chosen as a world heritage site. One of them is the world’s largest anterior-posterior burial mound, “Nintoku Emperor Mausoleum Ancient Tomb (Daisen Mausoleum),” is a must-see.

[Train] Get off at JR “Mozu” station to the Hyakutobori Kofungun, and get off at “Kintetsu Furuichi” station on the Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line to the Furuichi Kofungun.
[Tour bus] Service section: In front of Sakai City Museum-in front of Habino City Hall, in front of Toshinosato Station
Number of flights: 2 round trips on weekdays, 4 round trips on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (with suspension period)