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Mitsumine Shrine

Mitsumine Shrine, located in a deep mountain at an altitude of about 1,100m, is one of the three Chichibu shrines founded by Yamato Takeru about 1,900 years ago.

On both sides of the three torii gates, which are rare in Japan, there are statues of wolves and the shrine is known as a shrine for worshiping dog gods.

This shrine is also famous as a power spot so you might get the energy from the gods.

[By train] From Seibu Chichibu Station, take the Seibu Bus bound for Mitsumine Shrine and get off at the last stop, then walk for about 5 minutes.
[Car] About 120 minutes from Kanetsu Expressway “Hanazono” IC

298-1 Mitsumine, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture