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Tokyo Strawberry Park

Opened on April 29, 2018, Tokyo Strawberry Park is the first metropolitan amusement park-themed facility where you can enjoy strawberry-picking all year round. The house controls temperature and humidity all-electrically.

Inside the facility has “ICHIGO LAB.” where you can taste strawberry sweets made in a live kitchen, “PARK SIDE KITCHEN” where you can enjoy seasonal vegetables and chocolate fondue (reservation priority), and a kitchen studio where you can experience cooking with strawberries. “STUDiO SWiTCH” (reservation required) is just full of strawberries.

You can buy some souvenirs at the popular “Berry good shop” that sells special sweets only available here.

[Train/Bus] From JR Keihin Tohoku Line “Tsurumi Station” or Keihin Express “Keikyu Tsurumi Station”, get off at Yokohama Municipal Bus “Yokohama Thermal Power Station” stop.

[January to June] Adults 2,100 yen, elementary school students and younger 1,600 yen
[July to December] Adults 3,100 yen, elementary school students and younger 2,600 yen

  • All-you-can-eat for 30 minutes, free for children under 3 years old all year round
    *Complete reservation system (reservations can be made on the official website up to one month in advance)

Open hours
Weekdays: 11:00-16:00, Holidays: 10:00-18:00

*Closed: Every Wednesday