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  3. Cherry Blossom Tunnel

Cherry Blossom Tunnel

Nagatoro is also a famous cherry blossom viewing spot with approximately 3,000 cherry blossom trees, including weeping cherry blossoms, double cherry blossoms, and Yoshino cherry trees.

At Kitazakura-Dori, popularly known as the “Cherry Blossom Tunnel,” will be viewed by walking through a fantastic cherry blossom tunnel made by the cherry blossoms planted on both sides of the road.

The best time to observe them is usually from late March to late April. There are also events such as illuminations and cherry blossom festivals and this spot was selected as one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom spots as well.

Best time
Late March to late April

About 5 minutes on foot in the direction of Arakawa from Nagatoro Station on the Chichibu Railway