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Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival

If you are autumn leaves lover, don’t miss “Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival”
You can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Momiji Corridor and enjoy the beautifully colored autumn leaves around Lake Kawaguchi.
Also, they light-up autumn leaves at night, which turns the atmosphere into something very different than the one in the daytime. A stage will be set up at the venue, and various events will be held during the period as well.

Early to late November
Main venue
Lake Kawaguchi Maple Corridor (Lake Kawaguchi Museum Street)
Access to the main venue
[Train / Bus] From “Kawaguchiko” station on the Fujikyu line, take the Kawaguchiko tour bus and get off at “Kubota Ichitake Museum”.
[Car] Approximately 12 minutes from the “Kawaguchiko” IC on the Central Expressway

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