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  4. Hydrangea Night Illumination along Hakonetozan Line

Hydrangea Night Illumination along Hakonetozan Line

In this event, you can enjoy the hydrangea night illumination along the railway line from the train window.

This event was canceled last year due to the damage of Typhoon No. 19.

This year, as well as the colorful hydrangea during the day, the fantastic atmosphere of the night will also entertain you.

However, we will not operate the “Night Hydrangea Special Train”  this year because of the situation of the Covid-19.

※Night Hydrangea Special Train: A special train that you can enjoy hydrangea from with reserved seats.

Date 2021/06/19 (Sat) -2021/07/04 (Sun)
Location Hakone Yumoto, Tonosawa, Hatajuku
URL https://cops.ssl-odakyu.jp/www.hakone-tozan.co.jp/hakone_wp/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/76187767f3e09a8cd1d0a95029348771.pdf
Acces Hakone Yumoto Station

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