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Kimono Experience in Sakamoto


Take a walk through the town of Sakamoto, a place related to Akechi Mitsuhide, in a full-fledged kimono (hakama)!
There are lots of photogenic spots such as the garden of the Former Chikurin’in Temple and the stone walls of Anō-shu!
Kimono-dressed guests also have benefits such as discounts on admission fees for Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine.
We also provide male and children’s dresses so everyone can enjoy this authentic experience!
We also offer samurai costumes (armor) and princess costumes (junihitoe) that you can experience in the former Chikurin-in.


【Out of service for the time being】

※Closed from November 1st to December 6th and New Years

Location Former Chikurin’in Temple

Access ■Metro
-20 minutes walk toward Yamate from JR Kosai Line “Hieizan Sakamoto” Station
-10 minutes walk toward Yamate from Keihan Ishizaka Line “Sakamoto Hieizankou” station
-If you come from Route 161 and Kyoto, get off at the Nishiotsu Bypass Shigasato ramp and head toward Sakamoto to Hiyoshi Taisha Torii.
-From Tsuruga, get off at Nishi-Otsu Bypass Sakamoto Kita Interchange and turn right to Hiyoshi Taisha Torii.
Contact Former Chikurin’in Temple
TEL:077-578-0955(9am-5pm)closed on Monday

Adult:1,800yen Child:1,000yen

(no reservation is required)

※Fees including rental kimono, professional dress up and entrance fee of Former Chikurin’in Temple)

Website https://kyuchikuriin.web.fc2.com/

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