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  4. The Origin of Animation “Nishiki Shadow Play” -Tools to play with light- In Matsue

The Origin of Animation “Nishiki Shadow Play” -Tools to play with light- In Matsue

Nishiki shadow play” became popular from the late Edo period to the end of the Meiji era, and there was an entertainer who often visited the Kansai area to show this play in Matsue.
The mechanism is to project a colored picture drawn on a glass plate using an oil lamp as a light source on a Japanese paper screen through a lens, and talk while adding movement.
The slide projector that was initially imported from the Netherlands was linked to the traditional culture through the ingenuity and improvement of the Japanese people and has become accepted as mass entertainment. It is also said to be the origin of color animation.
The exhibition mainly introduces the oldest and largest existing tools and colored paintings (City-designated cultural property, 135 items) owned by the Matsue History Museum. We will also introduce tools that children can play with, such as nostalgic magic lanterns, film projectors, kaleidoscopes, and stereo cameras.

 ・Date: February 21~ March 21, 2021 (※Closed on March 18)
Time: 8:30~17:00 (Last entry is at 4:30)
Location: Shimane, Matsue, Tonomachi, 279
Tel: 0852-32-1607
Fee: 300 yen (Adult) and 100 yen (Elementary and junior high school students)



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