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World Heritage Kozanji Temple “Ikoan”

Kozanji Temple
Kozanji Temple, which owns the “National Treasure Choju-jingai”, is a historical temple on Mt. Togano and is said to have the roots of manga as well.
In this plan, you can see the famous “National Treasure Choju-jingai (reproduction)” and “National Treasure Sekisuiin”, as well as Japan’s oldest tea plantation, which was handed down by the founder Myoe Shonin, and the private tea room “Sekian”. After the break, you will have a cup of matcha at the Shoin.
You can also get a special red stamp and souvenirs of Kozanji original bird and beast caricature goods.
Why don’t you take this opportunity to visit the world heritage site “Kozanji Temple“.
* Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. The reception deadline is 17:00 the day before the visit.
* Details such as the schedule will be sent by email when the reservation is confirmed.
・ Visit the National Treasure Choju-in Temple, National Treasure Choju-jingai (reproduction), National Treasure Myoe Jojin Tree Zazen Statue, etc. (about 30 minutes)
・ Take a break with matcha at the Shoin (about 20 minutes)
・ Guided by the butler, Japan’s oldest tea plantation, a special visit to the normally closed “Kankaan” (about 30 minutes)
・ Special red stamp, bird and beast caricature goods (about 10 minutes)

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