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  3. Kairi -The Magnificent scenery and View of Niigata and Yamagata-

Kairi -The Magnificent scenery and View of Niigata and Yamagata-

The train “Kairi (海里)” is based on the concept of “Niigata food,” “Shonai food,” and “landscape of the Sea of Japan.”

While enjoying the magnificent scenery of the coastline of the Sea of Japan and Shonai Plain, you can savor the dishes that bring out the full flavor of the ingredients from both prefectures. Let’s enjoy a little extravagant adult trip.

“Kairi” is a 4-car diesel hybrid train that runs between Niigata and Sakata and departs from Niigata Station at 10:12. Its beautiful exterior that expresses the fusion of sunset orange and fresh snow in gradation is eye-catching, making you expect a trip full of excitement.

Car 1 has 30 seats for two-seater reclining seats that are designed to face the window side so that you can enjoy the scenery.

Car 2 has 32 compartment seats for 4 people, which can be extended into full-flat seats, allowing you to stretch out your legs and relax.

Car 3 has a shop and an event space, and Car 4 has a 24-seat dining area where you can enjoy the food of Niigata and Shonai.

We got on Car 2 this time. From the large train window, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Sea of Japan, Awashima island, and the serene countryside.

Car 3 has an event space that makes traveling more enjoyable and a shop that offers food from Niigata and Yamagata. Limited items such as drinks and sweets that are only available inside Kairi are very popular!

The sweet candy “Ukiboshi” (890 yen), which is made by sprinkling sugar honey on the hail, is popular for its highly designed containers. The “Murakami tea” (1,300 yen) is grabbing a tea lover’s heart.

You can also buy souvenirs from Shonai. “Yamagata Okoshi” (440 yen) , which uses Shonai blue soybean flour, is also very popular.

Arrived at Kuwagawa Station at 11:22. The train stops here for around 30 minutes, so you can get out of the car and enjoy the view of the Sea of Japan in front of you.

You can also have “special Sea of Japan soft cream” (300 yen) at “Michinoeki Sasakawa Nagare sunset Kaikan” which is adjoined to Kuwagawa station. This soft cream uses the famous Sasakawa-style salt and you don’t want to miss this.

After leaving Kuwagawa Station, the train runs at a low speed until you reach Echigo-Kangawa Station so that you can fully enjoy the scenery of Sasakawa Nagare, which has been formed by the rough waves of the Sea of Japan over the years and is designated as a national natural monument. You can enjoy this beautiful scenery from inside Kairi.

The lunch box is “Nautical Mile Kashimaya Gozen” from Niigata’s long-established store “Kashimaya” (reservation required, 1,800 yen).

The king salmon miso-zuke, salmon roe pickled in soy sauce, and steamed shrimp dumplings are all packed in the box and the rice is Uonuma Koshihikari. You can fully enjoy the taste of Niigata.

In addition, the “Nautical Mile Shonai Ben” (reservation required, 2,000 yen) is offered in “from Sakata to Niigata plan (the opposite way plan)”. This lunch box makes use of Shonai’s abundant ingredients supervised by Mr. Masatomi Toki, a goodwill ambassador of the food capital Shonai.

The main dish of this lunch box is “Mekkoi Maki”, which is made by wrapping Dadacha bean rice with Ami Ebi fish sauce pickled from the luxury brand salmon “Mejika”.

Don’t miss the meal at Car 4 Dining. From Niigata, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine prepared by three representative restaurants in Niigata, “Ikinariya”, “Nabedyaya” and “Ichi”. From Sakata, you can enjoy “Okuda Italian” supervised by Masayuki Okuda, the owner chef of “Al Chécciano”, with seasonal menus.

Arrived at Sakata Station at 13:19, about 3 hours after leaving Niigata. The station was crowded with many railroad fans trying to take a picture of Kairi.

A 1-minute walk from Tsuruoka Station, “FOODEVER Ayazuru” has a waiting room where you can enjoy drinks and sweets or souvenirs. (For Car 4 passengers only)

Why don’t you experience a luxurious trip with Kairi and enjoy the wonderful the scenary and food?