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Koshiki Fisherman’s Festival” is an event where you can enjoy the seafood of Koshiki Island.

At the venue, there are a lot of gourmet foods on the island, such as grilled fresh seafood on skewers and ramen made with sea bream soup stock.

When you chew on the freshly baked silver-stripe round herring while talking to the fisherman and talk to fishermen, not only the delicious food but you will realize the charm of the people on this island.

Special Live Performance

A special live performance of “The Honest” will be held. Based on the Celtic music of Scandinavian Ireland, they create different kinds of music and are popluar for it.

Blessing Of The Sea Ramen

The limited-edition ramen made with sea bream soup stock provided by Satsuma Shimuja

Gokai Sumibi BBQ

You also don’t want to miss the grills of fresh seafood.

Recommended spot on Koshiki Island “Gallery Hiramine”

“Gallery Hiramine” is a complex space of a cafe and an exhibition space for contemporary art. Sweets using island aloe and the performance of Koshiki’s traditional musical instrument “Gottan” are also popular.

Gallery Hiramine
3248 Satochosato, Satsumasendai City
TEL: 09969-3-2346
Business hours: 10:00 to 17:00
Regular holiday: Wednesday, year-end and New Year holidays

Recommended spot on Koshiki Island ” Koshiki Terrace”

Koshiki Terrace” is a complex facility that has a ticket office for “Sightseeing Ship Kanoko”, a bus shelter, and a cafe. The famous “cliff burger” has excellent hawk shrimp and silver-stripe round herring patties!

Koshiki Terrace
383-3 Nakakoshi, Kamikoshiki-cho, Satsumasendai-shi
TEL: 09969-2-0525
Business hours: 9:30 to 18:00 (Lunch is from 11:00 to 15:00 LO, reservations only at night)
Regular holiday: Tuesday