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  3. Kanazawa in Summer ★ Travel Tips From June-August

Kanazawa in Summer ★ Travel Tips From June-August


Summer Weather in Kanazawa

Before the rainy season (June and July), the air is refreshing and the trees planted in the city look shining. The sun is strong on sunny days, so you’d better bring a parasol or hat.

When the rainy season begins, an umbrella is a must. Folding umbrellas are recommended as they come in handy when traveling. Boots and umbrellas can be rented at the tourist information center of “Kanazawa Station”.

The hot and humid summer begins after the rainy season. Be careful not to get heatstroke or dehydration when going out. However, Museums and hotels are air-conditioned and can be chilly, so it might be nice to have clothes that you can easily take on and off.

Summer Gourmets in Kanazawa

Kanazawa is famous for its winter crabs and yellowtail, but you can also enjoy delicious seafood such as rock oysters from Noto in summer. In addition, Kaga vegetables such as Kaga thick cucumber, Kaga vine, and sardine purple eggplant are also in season.

Loach kabayaki” is also popular as a summer gourmet, and many locals prefer “loach” to “eel”. It can be said to be Kanazawa’s iconic food. There are also Japanese restaurants and izakaya where you can eat “loach kabayaki”, and you can easily buy it at shops around Omicho Market and Asano River.

Omicho Market

For sweets, Kanazawa’s “shaved ice” made from delicious water, ice cream, and seasonal Japanese sweets are also recommended. Try “Himuro Manju“, which is only available at the beginning of July, if plan to visit Kanawaza around that time.

Tsubomi (shaved ice)
Koshiyama kanseido (Himuro manju)
Kanazawa Tourist Information Guide “Cuisine of Kanazawa”

The Healing Spots in Kanazawa

In Kanazawa, there are many cool spots where you can enjoy the cool waters and the shade of the lush trees.

At “Utatsuyama Hanashoen,” you can not only enjoy beautiful irises and hydrangeas but also overlook the city of Kanazawa from a hill.

“Kinjo Reitaku”, which is the origin of the place name of “Kanazawa”, is exceptional water and cool spot even in Kanazawa where you can find spring water and irrigation water everywhere in the town,

Furthermore, if you go to the Kanazawa Bay area, you can enjoy the magnificent seaside scenery and see the different sides of Kanazawa

For trips of 3 days or more, it is recommended to take a rental car or bus tour to visit Noto, the foot of Mt. Hakusan, Kaga, Gokayama, Shirakawa-go. These places are full of nature.

◎ Utatsuyama Hanashobuen

The “Iris Garden” is full of irises and hydrangeas that are in full bloom from mid-June to mid-July. About 100 species and 200,000 hydrangeas and 2,900 hydrangeas are planted in the park. There are various spots in Utatsuyama Park, such as Boukodai, from which you can overlook the city of Kanazawa.

Utatsuyama Hanashobuen

◎ Kinjo Reitaku

“Kinjo Reitaku” is a place that is said to have been the origin of the place name “Kanazawa”.

It is located near “Kanazawa Shrine” adjacent to “Kenrokuen”, and clean water is welling up. The water in the Chozuya of Kanazawa Shrine comes from the groundwater source of “Kinjo Reitaku”, which you can also drink.

This is one of the most recommended places where you can feel the coolness in summer.

Kinjo Reitaku

◎ Kanazawa Bay Area

Ono and Kanaishi, seaside towns that once prospered as ports of call for Kitamaebune ships, have historical scenery here and there.

Here you will find delicious sushi restaurants, miso and soy sauce brewery tours and hands-on programs, nice lunch spots, and general merchandise cafes.

Ueshima Shoten (lunch)
Maple House (Cafe)

At Ono’s “Hiyoshi Shrine” and Kanaishi’s “Onominato Shrine”, big festivals are also held in the summer. Both are famous for Mikoshi and are one of the largest festivals in Kanazawa.

Reitai Festival

Summer Activities in Kanazawa

After the rainy season and the summer season, the maximum temperature in Kanazawa will exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Kanazawa is close to the sea and mountains and has abundant nature so we recommend an outdoor experience that you can feel the coolness of nature.

Kanazawa Tourist Information Guide “Trip from Kanazawa”

You can fully enjoy nature, such as a casual trekking experience and a cycling experience of Mt. Haku where breathtaking nature exists.