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  3. Must-Visit Spots in Akihabara for Anime Fans Suggested by a Worldly Known Cosplayer

Must-Visit Spots in Akihabara for Anime Fans Suggested by a Worldly Known Cosplayer


Professional Cos Player

Reika is a professional cosplayer who has over 20 years of career and keeps performing her passion and love to her favorite anime characters today. She is well known globally for her impressive performance in cosplaying in both male and female gender with great details in her costumes and expressions.
It is more than 50 countries she has visited to be an invited guest at anime conventions and events. She is originally from western Japan but moved to Tokyo for her career in 2019.
She is also currently an adviser at “12CO. BASE”, an exclusive member’s cafe and bar, where cor anime fans gather in Akihabara.
Her favorite games and animes are Fate/Grand Order and Demon Slayer.
You can check her extraordinary cosplay photos on SNS such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and World Cosplay.


I love taking my anime fan friends from overseas to the Akihabara area.
I strongly recommend shops and stores that have great varieties of official items so they can have a good chance of getting popular items. It is like a scavenger hunt!
I would also suggest a nice sit and chat break at a cafe after spending a whole day on treasure digging adventure and hitting cool spots in the town.
There are of course plenty of cafes and restaurants for anime fans in Akihabara, but if you look for different tastes, there is a good variety of choices in different styles around the Manseibashi.

Hot Spots

  1. “Rashinban” is a great place to find bargains. It is the largest thrift store of otaku goods in Akihabara.
    link: ショッピングらしんばん秋葉原店新館

2. Visit “ACOS Akihabara” if you are a passionate cosplayer! They have a wide range of cosplay items such as wigs, cosmetics, and so on.
link: ショッピングACOS 秋葉原

3. At “Karaoke Pasela” you can enjoy not only karaoke but also delicious food! They’re fully facilitated with various attractions such as honey toast cafe that is very popular among tourists, darts and sports bar, collaboration cafes of anime and games, and show restaurants.
link: AKIBA

4. “Fukumori” would be an ideal cafe for those who look for a quiet and stylish environment to relax.
link: ダイニングフクモリ