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Strolling in Artsy Shimokitazawa

A town of vintage shops in hippie vibe

Shimokitazawa is a cozy artsy town where has many youth fans with lots of hot hidden spots such as tiny live music houses/bars and unique cafes not far from Shibuya.
They have countless vintage shops where you can dig in for bargains from outfits to records and customed handmade goods.
At night, the town turns into a corner of music. Enjoy your night at hidden music bars for amateur bands and jazz live performances.

Point: The attraction of Shimokitazawa is its cozy vibe. Most stores and shops open around 11 am, so enjoy your slow morning and do not show up too early to pressure them 😛
If you are a film lover, try “Shimokotazawa Tollywood” theater on the south side of the metro station that puts enthusiastic works of amateur creators and animations.
Visitors will see not only youth culture but traditional Japanese events as well such as the Awa-Odori dance festival in August on the first line of the Shimokitazawa arcade.

An Example Course

1.Shimokitazawa Station

Shimo-Kitazawa Station

There are two lines run across Shimokitazawa. One is the Keio Inogashira line that connects to Shibuya and the other one is the Odakyu Odawara line that bonds to Shinjuku. Two lines run across each other and one runs on the bridge and the other one runs underground.
It is recommended to start your trip from the south side of the station.

2. Grab your favorite snacks as you stroll around on Shimokitazawa Minamiguchi Arcade.

Shimokitazawa South Exit Shopping Street

This bustling arcade would be a great spot to stroll around unique shops including cafes and bars.
Many vintage shops display their items on the street in front of their shops so you could easily tell what they sell from outside.

3. Find great bargains from Victorian to 80’s items

Vintage Shopping

You can hardly find what you cannot find here in Shimokitazawa.
There are shops that stock vintage kimonos around the metro station.
“Grand Bazaar” is located on the south side of the station where has 60’s and 70’s vintage items and “Grapefruit Moon” has unique male wears and other items. Please check them out!

4 Shimokitazawa Ichibangai Shoutengai where you can enjoy from rabbit cafe to signiture coffee.

Shimokitazawa Ichibangai Shopping Street

Shimokitazawa Ichibangai Shōtengai is located on the north side of the metro station where has vintage shops, traditional craft items, and cafes and it is a perfect spot for a casual walk.
Why don’t you grab their signiture coffee at “Bear Pond Espresso” along your walk and take a relaxing moment at “Usagi No Ehon(Rabbit’s Story)”, a rabbit cafe, where you can have a tea break while watching cute rabbits around.