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  3. Takao, a Summer Retreat Resort with a Marvelous View.

Takao, a Summer Retreat Resort with a Marvelous View.

If you look for green maples and Kawadoko cuisine, make your trip a step further to the special seat where you can embrace the great nature.
Takao is well known for maples and visitors will have a refreshing retreat moment by mountains full of summer green maples and temples.
There are plenty of authentic Kaiseki cuisine restaurants and casual cafes that may very be added to your bookmark.
Enjoy your luxurious moments away from bustling city life in Takao along with its famous spots.

1 . Jingōji Temple, surrounded by fresh green maples that famous monks such as Kūkai might see.

From the main building, visitors will witness fresh greens on mountains in front of them. Visitors will be fascinated by green maple leaves that are swaying beside them from both sides of on stairs.

Opening Hours/9am〜4pm
Admissions Fees/Adults 600 yen, Children 300yen
Location/ 5 Umegahata Takaochō, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, 616-8292
Access/7 minutes walk from Kyoto city bus “Kajino’o” stop.

Further Information: https://www.leafkyoto.net/report/210609jingoji/

2 .Saimyōji Temple where you can enjoy red and green maples at once!

Saimyōji is a famous spot for its rich seasonal views. Visitors will be entertained throughout the whole year by cherry blossoms and mountain azalea in the spring, fresh greens in the summer, red maples in the fall, and snow in the winter. In the summer, acer palmatum trees in the temple yard and red maple around the entrance gate luxuriate at the same time.

Opening Hours/9am〜5pm
Admissions Fees/Adults 500yen, Junior/Junior High Students 400yen
Location/1 Umegahata Makinoochō, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, 616-8291
Access/6minutes walk from Kyoto City Bus “Kajino’o” stop.

Further Information: https://www.leafkyoto.net/report/20210623saimyouji/

3 . Green maple views from Kōsanji Templa with the national treasure Sekisuiyin that has remained since Kamakura era.

The national treasure Sekisuiyin, preserving itself since the Kamakura period, is the only remaining building today that was used by Myōe-shōnin (a monk).
Sinden-zukuri (houses for nobles) from the Kamakura era are very rare.
Visitors will meet the views of the astonishing mountains from its Engawa balcony.
The genuine certificate calligraphy from emperor Gotōba to admit the temple “日出先照高山之寺(Hinoizuru mazu terasu Kousanji/ when the sun rises, it first shines on Kōsanji)” is displayed.

Opening Hours/8:30am〜5pm
Admissions Fees/800 yen ※Additional 500 yen in Fall
Location/8 Umegahata Toganoochō, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, 616-8295
Access/1 minute walk from Kyoto City Busy “Togano’o” stop

Further Information: https://www.leafkyoto.net/report/210615kousanji/

4 . Gourmet experience with Kawadoko cuisine surrounded by fresh greens.

The Takao area, deep in fresh green maple, is only 30 minutes drive from Kyoto station.
Kawadoko(buildings along rivers) in Takao has roofs that are unique from those in Kamogawa.
Enjoy your resort experience with elegant cuisines.

Further Information: https://www.leafkyoto.net/yuka/area/takao-kumogahata-kinugasa/