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The dynamic nature views created by volcano

Ōshima is the largest island among the Izu archipelago and it is located at the east end of the archipelago, approximately 100km away from Tokyo.
An active volcano “Mihara mountain” stands on Ōshima island, and it is the place where all geologists long to visit.
For hikers and outdoor activity lovers, it would be an ideal environment to fully enjoy nature.
Link: https://www.gotokyo.org/shared/panorama/oshima/

Check out list

• Trecking on “Mihara mountain” and “Ura sabaku(desert)”
• Go see the beauty of nature in formations cut surface
• Enjoy camellia flower blooming from January to March


Ōshima can be accessed from Tokyo by air and sea.
From Chōfu airport:25minutes
From Takeshiba sanbashi: shortest for 105minutes by bullet boat and 8hours by large boat(night boat).

Dynamic Ura dessert that resembles the surface of the moon

“Mihara mountain” stands in the center of Ōshima.
“Mihara mountain” is an active volcano that created hot springs on bumpy fields.
Hikers would witness the crater of the mountain which was made of cooled lava caused by countless eruptions.
On the east side of the foot of the mountain, there is “Ura dessert” which is registered as the only dessert in Japan by the map issued by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.
Covered by volcanic rocks, the dynamic desert resembles the surface of the moon.

Rich Nature Attractions

“Senba formation cut surface” which appears as it is covering the surface of the mountain along the coastal road is the layer of sediment that was formed by volcanic activity about 15,000 years ago.
Proceeding to the other side of the island towards the north along the bumpy rocky area, one will find “Fudeshima island” in a unique shape.
The name originates from a calligraphy writing brush as the island looks alike a brush.
Visitors can also enjoy interactions with rabbits at “Izu Ōshima Tsubaki Hana Garden”, located at the north end of the island.

Join Tsubaki(camelia) Festival

From January to March, Ōshima has its season of camellia flowers all over the island.
Camelia is the symbol flower of Ōshima, and locals sell products made of camellia as well.
If you seek a nice gift for your friends and family, camellia hair oil will be a great choice.
During this camelia season, there would be many festivals to be held such as the “Izu Ōshima Camelia Festival”.
Keep yourself informed with festival schedules so you will not miss the fun time of the year!