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  3. Kotobuki-yu


Kotobuki-yu, located in Yutenji, Meguro-yard, is a public bathhouse built in the palace style with a retro atmosphere. It has a high coffered ceiling and a bright interior.

The glass separating the changing room from the bathroom is painted with frosted glass, a rarity in modern times. It is a space that still retains an old-fashioned atmosphere.

The bathrooms are decorated with tile paintings, and there is a water tank with Nishikigoi carp swimming beside the bathtub to soothe visitors. The temperature of the bathwater is 41 degrees Celsius or lower, a little warmer than most public baths, but comfortable for beginners. The popular low-temperature bubble bath warms the body slowly from the core. The bathhouse is also equipped with a bed bath, seat bath, jet bath, cold water pillow, and standing shower. There is also a wide variety of drinks available, so you can enjoy a drink after your bath. It takes a nine-minute walk from Yutenji Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line.

Facility information

Address: 5-27 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0051
Station: Yutenji sta (Tokyu-tokoyo line)
9min. on foot
TEL: 03-3713-3019