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Mitarai Valley

Mitarai Valley is in the midst of beautiful nature and is said to be one of the more beautiful valleys in Kinki. A pool that shines in emerald green, waterfalls of various sizes, and a clear stream that flows like weaving huge rocks.

There is a promenade along the river, and the view from the suspension bridge overlooking the waterfall is superb.

The fresh green spring, the summer when the bright red river Satsuki blooms, the autumn when all the mountains turn red, and the winter like a mountain water painting. All season gives you a different taste of beauty.

[Train] About 60 minutes by local bus from “Shimoichiguchi” station on the Kintetsu Yoshino line, about 40 minutes on foot from “Amakawakawai” stop
[Car] About 70 minutes from the “Katsuragi” IC on the Minamihanna Road