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  3. The Landmark of Tokyo ~ Tokyo Tower

The Landmark of Tokyo ~ Tokyo Tower


Opened in 1958, Tokyo Tower with a height of 333 meters has been standing in the center of Tokyo for more than 60 years. A large-scale renewal was done in 2018 to commemorate the 60 years of operation.


  • You can also climb up the stairs to the main deck
  • The glass deck is very thrilling and the view of Tokyo spreading directly below is breathtaking

You can climb up to the 150-meter-high main deck by elevator or about 600 steps of stairs. From there, you can see Mt. Fuji on a clear day.

We recommend the view from the glass deck. Enjoy a thrilling experience overlooking the city from a height of 145 meters.

The 250-meter-high top deck has undergone a large-scale renewal in 2018. The geometric mirrors and LED lighting will make you feel like being on a spaceship floating above the city.

Illuminations and events are held all year round according to the season. You can feel the beautiful four seasons of Japan even on rainy days.

Don’t miss the various shops, gourmet foods and cafes as well. There are also sightseeing spots such as “Zojoji Temple” and “Shiba Park” near Tokyo Tower.