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Tokyo Subcultures ~ Anime & Manga


Japanese subcultures such as anime, manga, concept cafes, and J-Pop are evolving on their own. Experience the authentic Japanese subculture here in Tokyo.


  • Akihabara“, a sacred place for manga and anime
  • Harajuku“, the origin of Japanese street fashion
  • Odaiba” with abundant attractions including a full-size Gundam statue
  • Shimokitazawa” and “Nakano“, the centers of recent youth culture

A sacred place for manga and anime

Akihabara, also known as “Akiba”, is a sacred place for subcultures such as anime, games, and figures, and fans from all over the world gather here. Also, there are also many maid cafes and amusement arcades in this area so you can have a deep cultural experience.

It’s a perfect place to enjoy the Tokyo’s subculture.

Harajuku“; the origin of Japanese street fashion

Harajuku, the origin of Japanese street fashion, is drawing attention from all over the world. In Harajuku, there are many shops that line up fashion with the theme of “kawaii” featured by “Lolita fashion”. First, let’s walk along Takeshita Street and feel the vibes.

Go to a unique Karaoke Box

There are karaoke boxes in every area, but you can enjoy them at more unique stores in Tokyo. In Akihabara, there is a karaoke shop specializing in anime songs, and in Nakano, there is “Anison Karaoke Bar Z” where the staff wearing costumes will liven up the atmosphere.

The Anime Theme Parks

The full-scale Gundam statue in the “Diversity Tokyo” square in Odaiba is a must-see. In Ikebukuro’s “Sunshine City”, there is an indoor anime theme park “Pokemon Center”.