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Koami Shrine

Koami Shrine

Built in 1466, “Koami Shrine” is a few minutes walk from downtown Tokyo, Ningyocho, and with a history of over 550 years. This shrine is famous as the only wooden cypress building that remains in the Nihonbashi area that survived the Great Kanto Earthquake and the Great Tokyo Air Raid. It is said that all the soldiers who went to the battlefield under the amulet of Koami Shrine during World War II returned safely, and it is also grabbing attention as a power spot for exterminating good luck.

Another name for Koami Shrine is “Tokyo Senrai Benten”. The origin of the name comes from “Senrai no I”, which is said to have the benefit of improving fortune. It is said that if you keep the money purified in this well in your wallet. In addition, Benzaiten, the god of business prosperity and fulfillment of arts, and Fukurokuju, the god of longevity, are enshrined.

Location: 16-23 Nihonbashi Koamicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
About 5 minutes on foot from “Ningyocho Station” on the Hibiya Line
About 7 minutes from “Ningyocho Station” on the Toei Asakusa Line
Business hours: Freedom in the precincts
Regular holiday: Open every day
Price: Free in the precincts
Official site: http://www.koamijinja.or.jp/