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Horyuji Temple

Horyuji Temple is a Buddhist temple that have been built by Prince Shotoku and Empress Suiko in 607. In 1993, this temple came to be one of the first world cultural heritage in Japan.

The Saiin Garan, centered on the Kondo and the Five-storied Pagoda, is the oldest existing wooden building in the world. The 19 buildings of Namdaemun and 38 Buddhist arts are designated as national treasures, and needless to say, they are the center of Buddhist culture.

Open Hours
8: 00 ~ 17: 00 (11 / 4 ~ 2/21 ~ 16: 30)

General 1,500 yen, elementary school students 500 yen (common to Saiin Garai, Daihozoin, Toin Garai)

[Train] About a 20-minute walk from “Horyuji” station on the JR Kansai Main Line, or take a local bus and get off at “Horyuji Monzen”.
[Car] About 10 minutes from the Nishi Meihan Expressway “Horyuji” IC