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Asuka Village

Asuka Village, where the capital was located for more than 100 years since the time of Prince Shotoku, has many historic sites from the Asuka period.

We recommended that you take a walk to the Ishibutai Tumulus, which is said to be the tomb of Soga no Umako, the Takamatsuzuka Tumulus, which is famous for its mural paintings, and the Asukaji Temple, where the oldest Buddha statue in Japan is enshrined.

Yamato Sanzan can also be seen from the top of Amakashi-no-oka, where Mr. Soga’s residence existed at the foot of the mountain in ancient times.

[Train] Get off at “Asuka” station on the Kintetsu Yoshino line
[Car] About 25 minutes from the “Katsuragi” IC on the Minamihanna Road