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  3. Okunojima (Rabbit Island)

Okunojima (Rabbit Island)

“Okunoshima” is known as the rabbit island. Approximately 1,000 wild rabbits live here, and you can observe and maybe play with them pretty much anywhere on this island.

While this island is famous for those cute rabbits, it is also called “Island erased from the map” because it secretly produced poisonous gas on this island from 1929 to the end of the Pacific War of 1945.

On the island, there is a “poisonous gas museum” that displays materials from that time, the remains of poisonous gas storage, and the remains of factories.

In addition, you can see many ruins, such as the remains of the turret of the Geiyo Fortress that was set up during the Japan-Russia War.

Okunojima, Chukai-cho, Takehara-shi, Hiroshima

About 15 minutes by boat from “Tadanoumi Port”
About 7 minutes walk from “Tadanoumi” station on JR Wu line to Zhonghai port