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Ishiteji, the 51st Shikoku Sacred Ground, is a temple built by Iyo no Omori and Ochi Tamjun in 728, and its large precincts are lined with buildings such as the national treasure Niomon, the main hall of the important cultural properties, and the three-storied pagoda. Also, the 160-meter-long mantra cave and treasure house are full of spectacular sights.

The “child jewel”, which is said to give you luck for safe delivery when brought back as an amulet, is a must-buy item.

Ishiteji also received 1 star in “Michelin Green Guide Japan”.

[Train] From Matsuyama City Station on the Iyo Railway, take the Iyotetsu bus to “Ishiteji” and walk for about 5 minutes.
[Car] About 20 minutes from Matsuyama IC