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  3. Lake ASHI


Lake ASHI cordons off from other spots in Hakone as for the view. Not only can you can enjoy the fresh green in spring, the fireworks display in summer, and the autumn leaves, but Mt. Fuji that shines on the surface of the lake is definitely magnificent.

Many sightseeing spots surrounds this lake such as Otsuya and Sengokuhara in the surrounding area, Hakone Sekisho and Hakone Shrine in the former Hakone Port area, and Hakoneen Aquarium and Komagatake Ropeway in the Hakoneen Port area, and the “Hakone Pirates Cruise” is also a popular activity on this lake.

From “Hakone Yumoto” station, take the Hakone mountain climbing bus bound for Moto Hakone / Hakone-cho and get off at the end point.