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Juniko Lake

Juniko is a group of 33 lakes and marshes located in the western part of the Shirakami Mountains on the Aomori Prefecture side. Said to have been created by a landslide caused by a major earthquake in the Edo period, it came to be called Juniko because 12 lakes and marshes could be seen from the collapsed mountain. Among them, the mysterious “Aoike Pond” is famous for its water that looks like it has been poured with blue ink. Why it is blue is still a mystery.


Access: [By train] From JR Gono Line “Juniko Station”, take the Konan Bus bound for Okujuniko and get off at “Okujuniko” stop, about 10 minutes on foot.
[Car] About 60 minutes by car from Akita Expressway “Noshiro Minami IC”