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miso curry milk ramen

“Miso curry milk ramen” has a unique taste that combines the richness of miso and the stimulation of curry, the mellowness of milk with the flavor of butter, and the toppings of bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, and wakame seaweed. Its roots lie in the taste created by the late Mr. Kiyoshi Sato, who opened a popular restaurant in Sapporo Ramen Yokocho when he opened a restaurant in Aomori City in 1968. It is the soul food of Aomori citizens that you will become addicted to once you eat it.


Access: [Train] JR Ou Main Line, Tsugaru Line, Aoimori Railway “Aomori Station” area, etc., [Car] About 15 minutes from Aomori Expressway “Aomori Chuo IC”