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Oirase stream

The Oirase Stream is about 14 kilometers long and joins the Tsuta River from Nenokuchi of Lake Towada. The dynamic landscape covered with deep natural forests is beautiful, and the cliffs approaching on both banks are welded tuff formed by pumice and volcanic ash deposited at high temperatures, creating a powerful view. Along the roads and sidewalks built along the mountain stream, there are many highlights such as Ashura no Nagare and Choshi Otaki.


Access: <Gateway to the Oirase stream, Mt. Yakeyama>
[Train/Bus] From Tohoku Shinkansen/Hokkaido Shinkansen/JR Ou Main Line Shin-Aomori Station, take the JR Bus bound for Lake Towada Yasumiya and get off at Yakeyama. JR Bus is suspended in winter depending on the route
[Car] About 60 minutes from Tohoku Expressway “Towada IC”