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  4. ■Prayer Corridor~Ancient Nara Where Emotion’s Born~

■Prayer Corridor~Ancient Nara Where Emotion’s Born~

This exhibition features “Visit to the Buddha’s Residence” and “The Life of Chujohime“. These are in the “Prayer Corridor 2021 Spring / Summer Edition”, which introduces the attractions of Nara Yamatoji shrines and temples.

In  “Visit to the Buddha’s Residence” section, on top of Buddhist architecture, you will see the transition of the praying style in which people gradually changed their praying spot from outside to inside the hall.

In “The Life of Chujohime” section, you will see the life of Chujohime (prince), who is said to have gone to paradise in the living flesh, and the shrines and temples of Nara where mysterious legends and tales remain.

Please enjoy Nara through the “Prayer Corridor” which shows the charm of the ancient city of Nara.

Date: March 17th~

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