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  3. Enoshima Benzaiten Nakamise Street

Enoshima Benzaiten Nakamise Street

Crossing Enoshima Ohashi and Enoshima Bentenbashi, you can see the bronze torii gate, which is the entrance of Enoshima Benzaiten Nakamise Street, which has hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops lined up.

The bronze torii is a historical torii that was built in 1821 and has become a designated cultural property of Fujisawa City.

There are few restaurants around the closest station, “Katase-Enoshima station”, so it is recommended to have lunch at Enoshima Benzaiten Nakamise Street! You can also enjoy Enoshima’s exquisite shirasu-bowl.

Address: Near 1-4-13 Enoshima, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture