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Kurobe Dam

Kurobe Dam, built in 1963, is one of the largest arch dams in Japan.

As one of the major projects of the century, the construction process of Kurobe Dam was made into a movie “The Sands of Kurobe” starring Yujiro Ishihara.

The water discharge will be performed from early summer to autumn, and the water flowing down from the highest height in Japan is something you don’t want to miss.

In addition, don’t forget to try the local gourmet “Kurobe Dam Curry” at Rest House!

Open Seasons
Mid-April to the end of November

[Train] From “Nagano” station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen, JR Shinano Main Line, Shinano Railway Kita Shinano Line, Nagano Electric Railway Nagano Line, get off at Kawanakajima Bus “Ogisawa”
[Car] About 70 minutes from the Nagano Expressway “Azumino” IC to Ogisawa
From Ogisawa, take the Kanden trolleybus and get off at “Kurobe Dam” station, about a 6-minute walk