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  3. Kurobe Gorge Truck Train

Kurobe Gorge Truck Train

“Trocco Train” runs 20.1 kilometers from Unazuki Station to Keyakidaira Station in the “Kurobe Gorge”, which is the deepest V-shaped gorge in Japan.

The cars do not have windows so you can enjoy Tateyama’s very rich nature with a comfortable breeze wrapping up your body.

Along the line, there are plenty of must-go places such as Unazuki Onsen, Somaya Onsen, which can only be reached by Trocco Train, and Sarutobi Gorge, which is designated as a special scenic spot and a special natural monument.

Unazuki Station-Keyakidaira Station (one way) Adults 1,980 yen, Children (6 years old to under 12 years old) 990 yen * Relax vehicle ticket 530 yen, special vehicle ticket 370 yen