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  3. Genbikei Gorge

Genbikei Gorge

The rocks eroded by the Iwai River have become potholes, waterfalls, and abysses, creating a spectacular beauty of the valley that stretches for about 2km. From the suspension bridge, you can compare the symmetrical scenery of the rough mountain stream and the relaxing pool. Cherry blossoms in spring, cool babbling in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, and snowy landscapes in winter that look like ink paintings. You can enjoy it in every season.


access: [Train/Bus] About 20 minutes by bus from Tohoku Shinkansen/JR Tohoku Main Line “Ichinoseki Station”, about 1 minute walk from “Genbikei” stop
[Car] About 10 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway “Ichinoseki IC”