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“Kuranosho Sohonten” is an izakaya where you can enjoy “Irori-yaki,” which is said to have originated in Sendai. “Kinka mackerel irori-yaki” is a dish that goes well with alcohol with its juicy flavor even after the excess fat has been removed. Delicious seasonal seafood and local vegetables are served daily specials, so you can enjoy the sense of the season.

From autumn to winter, “Sendai Seri Nabe” is also served, which is very popular. There are table seats and private rooms in the restaurant, but the most recommended is the counter seats where you can experience the realism of Irori-yaki up close. It is a relaxing and luxurious time to have a drink while gazing at the glowing charcoal fire.


AK Building 4F, 1-8-38 Chuo, Aoba Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
[business hours]
16:00-24:00 (L.O. 23:00, drink L.O. 23:30)
[Regular holiday]
open all year round
By train: About 3 minutes on foot from JR Sendai Station