3. “Yatai” Where Each Story Meets


“Yatai” Where Each Story Meets


“I want to go to a Japanese food stall (Yatai in Japanese), but I’m a little worried. What kind of people are the customers who come to Yatai?” Maybe some people think that way. This time, we will answer these questions.

Yatai Mori“, is located along the river in the middle of Fuku-Haku Deai Bridge and Haruyoshi Bridge in the Nakasu area. This stall started in 1973 by the gentle and friendly owner Mori. I observed “Yataimori” for 7 hours from the opening time to midnight.

7:00 pm

Before 7:00 pm, about an hour after the store opened. The first customer today is Mr. Noguchi, a regular customer. He has been visiting for 18 years since 2002. “It’s my habit to come here every Monday at the end of work and start the week.”

He said that “Yatai Mori” is the only Yatai he comes to in Nakasu.

It seems that there are strange encounters at the food stalls …

During 18 years of visiting, I became acquainted with regular customers who met at “Yataimori”. “I don’t make any promises, but I usually meet at Yatai on Monday and drink together.”

Mr. Noguchi enjoys skewers with chuhai. He has an SNS group with regular customers, and sometimes celebrates the members’ birthdays with Yatai.

For Mr. Noguchi, what is important for Yatai is “an atmosphere where you can drink with peace of mind with a respectable owner. The owner will help you meet new people.”

After 8:00 pm, he met a regular customer and enjoyed the time.


Yatai Mori started to get crowded at 7:30 pm. A pair of women from Tokyo entered the store casually. They were both 24 years old and came to Fukuoka to eat delicious food. They said they had used “Go To Travel”. “A hotel that normally costs 20,000 yen was 7,000 yen this time,” they said happily.


Get gourmet tips at a Yatai

“We’ve been to Fukuoka before, but this is our first time to visit a Yatai”.

From their story of wanting to go around various Yatai and to try Fukuoka gourmet food, conversations spread out to the regular customers and couples from Wakayama sitting next to them and became lively.


After 9:00 pm, when regular customers began to return home, a man appeared. He seemed to be friendly after exchanging greetings with Mr. Mori.

Mr. Oshima ordered cola first. He couldn’t get to Yatai due to Covid-19, but he came by his car tonight just to meet Mr. Mori. “It’s been about 7-8 years since I started coming to Mr. Mori’s Yatai.”

Mr. Mori looked happy to see him again after a long time.

I’ve never been to Yatai but here

Actually, Mr. Oshima and Mr. Mori did not meet at this Yatai. They first met when Mr. and Mrs. Mori came to the shop where Mr. Oshima used to work as customers.

“I recalled Mr. Mori when I quit my previous job. I think it was the first time I came to this Yatai based on the information on the business card I received from Mr. Mori.”

Now, Mr. Oshima has become a regular.

Tempura is his speciality: 1300yen


Mr. Yamada, who came from Osaka, came to the store at 0:00 am when the day changes. He came to Fukuoka to eat delicious cuisine. Today he went to many restaurants from noon and ended up at this Yatai. “I run a restaurant in Neyagawa, Osaka, and it’s been 10 years since I last came to Fukuoka,” said Mr. Yamada.

You can get along with strangers easily

At Yatai, you can get along with strangers right away, and Kansai people like it,” said Mr. Yamada. Mr. Yamada visited “Yataimori” for the first time, but he seemed to have a good time talking about traveling with Mr. Mori. This is why Yatai is so popular.

“Yatai Mori”.

This Yatai is run by Mr. Mori, 71 years old.

Mr. Mori, who always wears clean clothes with a cutter shirt and slacks, values the feeling of hospitality. The seafood is also fresh and delicious, and tempura and ochazuke are especially recommended!

Address: Seiryu Park Phone: None Business hours: 18:00 to 1:00 am Regular holiday: Sunday