3. You are what you eat~ Vegetarian Restaurant in Fukuoka


You are what you eat~ Vegetarian Restaurant in Fukuoka

As vegetarians and vegans are gaining attention in Japan, the number of restaurants and shops that vegetarian travelers can enjoy is gradually increasing in Fukuoka. Let’s take a look at a restaurant which you can enjoy not only its vegetarian dish, but you can also feel the chef’s passion.

◎ Bejisara Shokudo (Japanese rice with plenty of seasonal vegetables + raw sweets)

Once you enter the alley from the small signboard on Hanamizuki Street, you will see a restaurant with a stylish appearance and that is “Bejisara Shokudo“, At “Bejisara Shokudo”, you can enjoy vegetables and raw sweets in a set meal style. (raw sweets: Unheated sweets made with nuts and natural sweetness without using flour, dairy products, or white sugar)
The main menu is Japanese rice with a weekly main dish (meat or vegetables). If you choose vegetables as the main dish, you can enjoy plenty of vegetables all at once. The ingredients are mainly pesticide-free and organic and are cooked with recipes that bring out the flavor of the ingredients. Also, they don’t use white sugar, genetically modified foods, trans fatty acids, or anything else that is harmful to the body.
After graduating from a cooking school, Naoko Sakanashi (the owner) studied Japanese food at a kaiseki restaurant. Then, she started to pursue raw food (raw or low-temperature heat-treated) based on the idea that “you are what you eat” After various experiences, she became interested in Japanese food again because that is the food she had been grown up with since she was a child. “I used to have a raw food cooking class, but then I got sick. I was too enthusiastic and blind. I think I needed more nutrition. I felt that raw food alone did not suit me. Each person has their own eating habits and a different way of thinking. They reconsidered their style and started to a restarurant in 2021 under the concept of “relieving Japanese food which you never get tired of”. In 2015, they changed the name of restaurant to “Bejisara Shokudo” and have been offering homemade dishes.
The menu for this day is mainly fried spring rolls using seasonal new onions and spring carrots, as well as salads, dried daikon radish, and spicy sauce. Vegetables are delivered from organic food specialty stores three times a week, so they always use fresh ingredients. This menu features a combination of sourness, sweetness, and bitterness that you won’t get tired of, as well as texture and colorfulness. Miso soup stock is made only with root vegetables and mushrooms, and you can feel the richness in the gentle taste. You can feel the passion of the owner from this menu.
You will be satisfied with this Japanese plate because you can eat many kinds of fresh vegetables while experiencing a high-quality taste. You will find your spine streching naturally and your body feeling happy.
After the meal, you can enjoy a weekly raw tart with your favorite drink. The raw tart is made of a combination of classic chocolate, Japanese flavors such as kinako and matcha, and a mix of fruits and tea leaves. You don’t want to miss this.
※Eggs and dairy products may be used depending on the day, so please contact them in advance if you are a vegain. The take-out daily lunch box (880~) is also available and popluar among vegetarians. Bejisara Shokudo Address: 3-1-2 Chuo Akasaka, Fukuoka City Daito Building II 1F Phone: 050-3637-8314 Business hours: 12:00 to 19:00 (OS: 18:30) Regular holiday: Monday