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  3. Teishakukyo


Teishakukyo is a national park located in the center of the Chinese mountains and is famous for a gorge of about 18km called “Taishakukyo.” Japan’s largest natural bridge “Ombashi” created by erosion, limestone cave “Hakuun-dong”, and “Kaiyokei” with a beautiful torrent formed about 300 million years ago are absolutely breathtaking. You can enjoy the magnificent scenery created by nature here and don’t miss the fresh green of spring, the autumn leaves, and the scenery of the four seasons.

In addition, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy such as cruising, kayaking, and segway on a pleasure boat at “Shinryuko” to observe the surrounding strange rocks and cliffs.

Tojo Town, Shobara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Kamiishi Kogen Town, Kamiishi County

About 12km from the China Expressway “Tojo” IC to the Kamiteishakuten area and about 10km to the Shinryu Lake area