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Japanese cuisine Rintaro

“Japanese cuisine Rintaro” is visited by many people from outside the prefecture as well. You can enjoy colorful Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients of local production for local consumption. At night, the main course is a combination of nostalgia and newness, centering on seafood from Sanriku. The 9-dish course includes fresh, high-quality sashimi and Sendai beef, so you’ll be completely satisfied.

For lunch, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine at a relatively reasonable price. It is popular with locals and tourists alike. At the ”Rintaro Gozen”, you can enjoy a variety of dishes in small portions. The beauty of the presentation is also attractive. You can order on the day, but advance reservations are recommended. The unique interior space with modern furniture is also highlighted.


1-8-20 Ichibancho, Aoba Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
[business hours]
Lunch / 11:30-14:30 (L.O. 14:00)
Night / 17:30-22:00 (Last entry 20:00, L.O. 21:00, drinks L.O. 21:30)
[Regular holiday]
New Year holidays
By train: About 7 minutes on foot from Subway “Aobadori Ichibancho” station, about 8 minutes on foot from Subway “Sendai” station